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Coaster Alley Convergence took place in September of 2005.  Coaster dorks, I mean enthusiasts, from all around the country converged on the Northwest for some good coaster riding fun.  Our first stop was on Thursday at the Puyallup Fair.  We had to ride the good ole Coaster Thrillride first.  Below on the left is Mark and Scott in the front seat and in the middle is Tammie and I in the backseat.  Meanwhile Micah tries to talk on the phone with all the carnival racquet going on around him.

Barry, Rudy, Ed, and ?? enjoy the Wildcat

Micah on the huge Ferris Wheel

Gator rides Witch's Dance with his hands up while Mark & Scott (directly behind him) choose a white knuckle approach

And look!  Here's Witch's Dance after Ed got off.   Broken, I kid you not!  Nice work Eduardo!

The "Jumping" was the new ride this year all though we pretty much all agreed that the name could be considered False Advertising.  Ed and Mark are ready to go

Ed, Rudy, Mark, and Scott go down the hill of Kersplash!   They got splash by Ker.


After we were done at the Fair, we all headed over to Scott (and Janice's) house for a great dinner.  Scott lives in a lovely little home right on the water.  A big fat seal sat on a log all night and we fed a ton of birds.   Thanks to the Hogman's for their hospitality.  On Friday morning we drove over to Silverwood.  On the way we stopped off in Vantage, WA at the Wild Horses Monument.   After a very strenuous hike up the hill, we were rewarded with some great views.


Saturday we woke up and spent the day at Silverwood.   At the end of the day we had 2 hours of night time ERT on Tremors and Timber Terror.  The highlight of the night for me was Micah taking his first rides on Timber Terror.  He even seemed to enjoy it.

It was fairly warm during the day, so we rode the bumper boats early on.  Later we rode the bumper cars and Micah was just tall enough to drive his own.

Micah riding the Elephant Ride and of course a day at Silverwood isn't complete without a ride on the world famous Corkscrew.

We rode Thunder Canyon early in the afternoon.  Micah got pretty wet.  When we got back to the hotel that night, we were still wet.

Samantha rode the steam train at Silverwood.  It was her first ever amusement park ride at less than a month old.   When asked about the ride she replied, "Waaaaaaaa!" (or something like that anyway).

There were some beautiful sunflowers over by the picnic grove and Tammie got some really nice pictures of them.

Micah was really busy this day.  He got his picture taken with Odie, and dragged his old man onto the Tilt-A-Whirl (a real rarity).

Later Micah rode Tiny Toot with me and rode the new Trabant with Tammie.

Oh yeah!  We rode the coasters too.  Here's some good woodie pictures.  Enjoy!

On the left is the weird spagetti bowl thingie, on the right is the first drop, underground and into the gift shop.
Above are a couple more nice shots of Tremors.  To the right is Timber Terror's first drop.  Below are a couple of shots of Timber Terror on its "back" run.
Left:  Timber Terror's helix finale.

Below:  A nice shot of Timber Terror from the park's ferris wheel.

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