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Last May, Northwest Theme Park Guide learned that Enchanted Forest in Oregon was beginning work on their next big adventure.  It was going to be a dark ride of some kind.  In August, after a phone call to the park, we learned that the park was working with Sally Corp. to build one of their interactive dark rides.  Now, NWTPG is pleased to announce additional details and artwork of the ride which is to be called, "Challenge of Mondor".  These photos were all taken at the park on 4/10/2005 of the construction site and a display near the front of the park.  All the artwork is the work of Roger Tofte. 

On the left is the park's description of the ride.  I like the story line a lot.  On the right are drawings of the vehicle and the "laser ray".

These are 2 nice pieces of artwork showing what the interior of the ride will look like.
So what does the ride look like now?  On the left is the entrance as it now sits.  This will lead into the queue line.  The actual ride building is pretty good sized and goes over the top of several other buildings and pathways.  On the right is a close up of a wizard face on the entrance.   Attention to detail is an Enchanted Forest trademark.
Here's the ride building from the parking lot.  You can see it is well above the ground at this point of the ride.  Below is artwork showing the layout of the ride.  There are several places where the cars will go into a cul-de-sac and turn around (circles with arrows in them).  That should help make this ride very unique.  Stay tuned (hopefully) for more updates in the future.