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Micah and Samantha

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Micah makes a play at first base to get an out.



Samantha cheers for Micah during his t-ball game.


Micah goes up to bat....

...then gets ready to run to second.


) Samantha plays with her towel after her bath.



May 2006

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Samantha with the tulips.



May 2006





Micah proudly shows off the Easter basket he found at Great Grandma and Grandpa Madan's house.   April 2006


Samantha spends MOST of her day EVERY DAY doing her favorite exercise.

Try it, it's not easy!  April 2006



Together Micah, Eber and Owen demonstrated how the Jedi's were fighting Count Dooku.



Samantha 6 months ~ Micah 6 years

(February 2006)




Micah was hit in the face by the ball at Aaron's softball practice. This is the morning after.

(March 2006)


You learn quick young one.

Micah has been teaching Samantha the ways of the force.


Together we shall rule the galaxy.



Play time! (March 2006)




To Be continued . . . . .