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On the way over to Silverwood on Friday, we stopped at Riverfront Park in Spokane so Ed could ride the Looff Carousel.   Here he is reaching for a "brass" ring.  Later that night we went to Triple Play Fun Center for some indoor mini-golf.  Deborah Erickson stands in the spotlight as she attempts to knock one in.  Mike B. ended up winning, but I think he cheated.

After our Saturday at Silverwood, we drove most of the night to get to the west side of the mountains.  We woke up Sunday and drove up to Playland in Vancouver.  It was Ed, Mike, Steve, and myself.  It was too busy to get many photos, but I got a couple of nice shots of Ed and Mike on the famous Coaster.  I think they liked it, but it's hard to tell from these photos.

This was the scene on every ride at Playland.  Lines for everything.  It was by far the busiest I've ever seen the park and I felt bad that Ed and Mike only got a few rides on Coaster.  That will give them a reason to come back I guess.
Ed and Steve entering into the final corner of the Mad Mouse.  We "only" had to wait about a half an hour for this ride.
Monday we went down to the Puyallup Fair for the day.  We got the "Super Dizzy Pass" and used it to ride everything.  The foursome from Sunday were joined by Mark & Scott as well as Coaster Lisa.  Mark tried some Skeeball unsuccessfully while I had no problem winning a nice Gary Payton Sonics bear.

We rode Extreme Scream once.  Ed declared it to be the weakest S&S tower he'd ridden.  Oh well.  That's my legs on the left in the photo below just as we are shooting up (the tower, not the heroin).

The best surprise of the day for me was the Wildcat.  I hadn't ridden it in at least a decade and remembered it being pretty rough.  Instead it was really smooth and a lot of fun.  I got "mooshed" by Mark a couple of times though.
Steve finally got to ride Coaster Thrillride.  It was the last of the NW's 5 woodies for him to get on.  He said after his first ride that it was "much better than he thought it would be".   That's what most people say.  The Coaster was giving a great ride on this day with some amazing airtime on the 2 drops following the first turnaround.
Mark and Lisa on the huge Monster Mouse.  It has a really weird layout and is the biggest mouse by far that I've ever ridden.
We all loved the Ghost Pirates ride.   Steve said it was almost as good as Pirates of the Caribbean (the Fla. version).   Mark said, "We waited in line for THAT."  On the ride is the weird Kerslash! ride.  It's like a water coaster except instead of getting splashed with water you get splashed with "ker".  We're not sure what "ker" is, but it seems to be a brownish, green colored liquid.

With the Super Dizzy Pass, we did it all.  Ed kicked the crap out of everyone on the Giant Slide . . . twice.  Being the coaster dorks that we are, we all piled into the one kiddie coaster they would let us on and took a ride.  Look at those dorks!

Ed and Scott.  Thanks for the great time guys.  I hope Ed, Mike, and Steve felt it was worth their time to come hang out with us in the Great Northwest.